National Club membership is recommended but not required to become a member of the Nutmeg Chapter. Membership at the national level is $45.00 per year with a mailed copy of Smoke Signals or $25.00 for E-membership with a downloadable copy of Smoke Signals . For more information regarding the national membership, please go to

Membership in the Nutmeg Chapter of the Pontiac Oakland Club International is $12.00 per year. (Effective January 1, 2002) Membership is prorated based on the time of year you join.

                   January – March             $12.00
                   April – June                      $9.00
                   July – September            $6.00
                   October – December     $3.00

If you have any questions about joining POCI or the Nutmeg Chapter, please contact Starr Evans by e-mail at or phone (860)868-7723.

On a monthly basis, you will receive our award-winning newsletter, The Drumbeat, and be a member of one of the largest chapters in the country. Our chapter is dedicated to having fun, and loving our Pontiacs.

​Welcome to the

Nutmeg Chapter POCI